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Sirt1 Nrf2

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Stilbenes are naturally occurring compounds found in a variety of plants. They are produced when the plant is exposed to an environmental threat such as viral, microbial, or ultraviolet exposure and protect the plants from such threats. Pterostilbene is a specific stilbene found in deerberry, rabbiteye blueberries, unripe Pinot noir and Botrytis vinifera infected Chardonnay grapes, Xarello grape variety, and immature berries of Pinot and Gamay varieties as well as Pterocarpus marsupium. In vitro studies show pterostilbene has strong antioxidant activities, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti-cancer and anti-fungal activities.


Resveratrol, like pterostilbene, is a stilbene found in many plants and red wines. It is the most well researched and known stilbene. Studies show resveratrol has antioxidant, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits.


Broccoli seed extract contains a high amount of glucoraphanin, a glucosinolate that is a precursor to a specific isothiocyanate called sulforaphane. Sulforphane is a potent anti-oxidant used in the body and also has detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and chemoprotective properties. SGS broccoli seed extract contains the highest levels of glucoraphanin of any broccoli product on the market.


Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in high concentrations in onions and other fruits and vegetables, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti carcinogenic activities.


The pomegranate is a phytochemical rich fruit that contains ellagic acid, punicalagins, anthocyanididns, and flavonoids.  Pomegranate byproducts, including juices, powders, and extracts, have antioxidant, anticarinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Alpha lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant capable of restoring other antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione.

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