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The Center for Optimum Health is a medical center under the direction of Allen Green, M.D., a Board Certified Family Physician. As a primary care doctor he sees people of all ages including pediatrics, adult internal medicine, and routine gynecologic care. Most health conditions can be assessed and treated using an Integrative approach to healthcare, combining the best of "Conventional" and "Complementary" Medicine. The Center offers unique and cutting-edge testing options that search for the hidden causes of many health problems, tests not typically offered by most physicians. Such tests include thorough hormone evaluations, tests for nutritional imbalances, genetic testing, evaluations of toxicity and allergy testing. Treatments are tailored to each individual's needs with a focus on looking for and eliminating the root causes of disease, and not just treating symptoms. People who come to The Center for Optimum Health can expect to get a more Holistic approach to healthcare that includes a thorough history, physical and medical testing. Comprehensive treatment programs may include nutrient supplementation, herbal medicine, dietary counseling, exercise prescription, homeopathy, pharmaceutical, bio-identical hormone replacement, intravenous therapies, energy medicine modalities and more. The goal at the Center is assist people in optimizing health and treating illness as safely, naturally and as non-toxically as possible.
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