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Neoprostate, 60 Capsules

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NeoProstate provides key food components no longer available in today’s diets. Phytosterols have been systematically reduced in American foods over the past 30 years, providing only about 80 mg per day! In contrast, populations, like Japan, who consume 400+ mg per day, have lower incidence, later onset and lower mortality rates of cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

Beta-Sitosterol inhibits human colon, breast and prostate cancer cell growth and, as part of the cell structure, stimulates apoptosis. Added IP6 works synergistically to promote cell integrity, to inhibit prostate cancer cells, and to support natural cell defense. Zinc completes the formula for proven prostate support.

Neoprostate is formulated for maximum prostate support, containing the key components in the herbs traditionally used to support good prostate health, thereby reducing the symptoms of BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy, enlargement of the prostate common in men over 50). Saw palmetto is the best known of these herbs, but what is common to all the traditional herbs for the prostate is the relatively high phytosterol content, especially beta-sitosterol, and zinc.

Neoprostate contains naturally-occurring phytosterols, carefully selected for optimal prostate support. It is properly encapsulated to insure maximum absorption, and includes lecithin (35% Phosphatidylcholine) for increased digestion and bio-availability.

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