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Vitamin K Balance, 60 Caps

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Vitamin K Balance contains a variety of vitamin K forms:


1mg of Vitamin K1, which is the form naturally occurring in vegetables


1mg of Vitamin K2-MK4, which is the form naturally occurring in the human body from the conversion of vitamin K1 from normal bacteria found in the GI tract, or


50 mcg of K2-MK7, a form of vitamin K frequently found in various fermented foods such as cheese, kimchi and in high amounts in soybeans derived products such as natto.


Recent research shows that the majority of people are vitamin K deficient. Due to extensive antibiotic use by humans and in animal feeds, most people may be deficient in Vitamin K2 is also found in some animal foods or fermented products such as cheese.


Certain patients need to supplement with high doses of Vitamin K1 intakes are insufficient if they have a low intake of vegetables rich in vitamin K such as: spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, vegetable oils.


Research studies show multiple benefits from supplementing deficient patients with vitamin K:


Reverse and prevent osteoporosis


Reverse and prevent arterial calcification


Reduce cancer risk and may enhance treatment of certain cancers such as leukemia


Support nerve myelin and brain health


Reduce risk of kidney stones

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