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Oncomax ES, 60 Caps

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Sulforaphane, a naturally-occurring compound in broccoli that possesses antioxidant activity, was identified in 1992 by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This isothiocyanate appeared to be responsible for the apparent correlation between diets rich in cruciferous vegetables and a lower incidence of cancer. Scien- tists subsequently determined that the compound present in the broccoli plant is the glucosinolate precursor of sulforaphane, known as “glucoraphanin” or “SGS.”[1]
In 1997, this research group demonstrated that the SGS content of mature broccoli is highly variable and that SGS is present at much higher concentrations in broccoli seeds and three-day-old broccoli sprouts.[3] Specifically, the SGS content in 200 mg of broccoli seed extract or one ounce of broccoli sprouts is equivalent to the amount present in 20 oz. of market-stage broccoli.[2] Advanced, patented technology now enables Center for Optimum Health to include 100 mgs of SGS, the equivalent of approximately 3 3⁄4 pounds of broccoli, in a single capsule of OncoMax ESTM.
Since 1992, SGS has been studied extensively at Johns Hopkins and other prestigious medical institutions around the globe, resulting in more than 400 published studies that support this natural phytochemical’s potential to achieve early protection against cell damage.
What does SGS do?
SGS is multidimensional, one of its primary actions being the activation of transcription factor, Nrf2, which induces increased production of phase 2 detoxifying enzymes and antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes generally last 72 hours or more, significantly longer than direct antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and beta carotene.[3-6]
In addition, SGS supports cell cycle arrest and cell suicide in cells that have the potential to mutate.[3,7,8,9] It also provides support for the body’s protective response against harmful microbes[10,11] and its protective response against age-related CNS inflammation.[12] Additionally, SGS supports eye[13] and cardiovascular health

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