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Leptin Manager 30 capsules

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Leptin is an adipose-derived hormone that facilitates communication between peripheral adipose tissue and the central nervous system for the control of appetite and the balance of energy. Leptin is secreted by adipocytes in proportion to their size and number. It is known to indicate satiety, to control appetite, and to participate in multiple regulatory mechanisms. These mechanisms include energy expenditure/metabolism and cell proliferation/differentiation; they also include signal interactions among other hormonal regulators of energy and metabolism, such as insulin.[1,2]

Leptin resistance can occur when the body is overexposed to leptin (through adipose accumulation) and when pathways affecting leptin transport and signaling become disrupted, such as by a high-sugar diet or a high-fat (e.g., saturated triglyceride) diet.[3-6] A body with leptin resistance becomes unresponsive to leptin’s hormonal messages, such as satiety and reduced appetite. When leptin resistance is coupled with excess body weight, resistance to weight loss is common; furthermore, cytokine and metabolic alterations ensue,[7] which can affect many facets of health, including joint and cardiovascular health.

Leptin Manager is a dietary supplement that provides ORALVISC®—a proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans. In vitro, animal, and human studies suggest that this formula has an impact on leptin, adipogenesis, and body weight.*

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