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Inositol Powder

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Inositol is one of the most versatile nutrients for promoting brain wellness, a positive and relaxed outlook, and restful sleep. It also is one of the most crucial nutrients for promoting female hormonal health through its role in supporting optimal liver function. Inositol also helps maintain healthy serotonin metabolism, and by so doing helps treat many conditions that involve poor serotonin function, including depression, agoraphobia, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Inositol also helps prevent and treat pediatric respiratory distress syndrome. Inositol has applications in PMS, and fibroid tumors. It also helps promote restful sleep if taken before bed. Inositol promotes liver health, and works especially well when taken along with phosphatidyl choline. Inositol is a pleasant, mildly sweet tasting powder that dissolves instantly in water

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