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Essential Minerals, 90 Caps

Price: $20.00
Item Number: ESSM
This iron-free mineral formula contains the best-absorbed minerals available on the market. This was achieved by the incorporation of 100% Albion Minerals - the leader in chelate technology.


Complete Mineral Complex is ideal as a daily supplement for prevention of deficiency, or for use in mineral replenishment when there are known deficiencies due to poor diets, poor absorption or following medical treatments that may deplete mineral status such as diuretics or chelation therapy.


The special form that this formula provides does not cause intestinal distress or constipation, as other mineral forms available in various nutritional supplements.


Many mineral formulations on the market are problematic due to potential toxic contaminants. This formula has proof of content with certificate of analysis for heavy metal testing (such as lead, mercury and other environmental toxins).

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