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Bladder Clean, 60 Caps

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Bladder Clean is blend of nutrients and botanical extracts that were chosen based on research studies showing their anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory activities.


This synergistic formula can provide a natural alternative to the use of antibiotics or can be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical antibiotics to increase their effectiveness.


There are four important advantages to adding this natural complementary treatment to pharmaceutical treatments:


• This will reduce the risk of creating antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. This is because it is a lot harder for bacteria to resist when it is attacked by a combination of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical antibiotics.


• It will reduce the risk of getting a yeast infection resulting from the antibiotic treatment because some of the botanical extracts in this formula have an anti-candida effect.


• It will reduce the irritation cased by the urinary tract infection.


• It will promote healing of the affected urinary tissue.


This formula can also be used preventively for patients at high risk for urinary tract infections.


UT Synergy does not contain whole cranberry but only its active main ingredient D-Mannose, because certain components of cranberry extract may be irritating to UTI sufferers.


Use as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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