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Frankincense (Boswellia) has been known for many centuries to help in a number of diseases like asthma, arthritis, colitis and allergies, wound healing, skin diseases and more. Clinical studies in the last years have confirmed the positive effects in knee osteoarthritis, colitis, allergies and asthma. Personal experiences show great success in psoriasis. Recently the mechanism of action has been better understood. The core ingredient in boswellia, called AKBA, can suppress a key inflammation enzyme, the 5-lipoxygenase. It is the only reliable natural 5-LO inhibitor. Many more illnesses involve this enzyme. Without treating it can really be said that a lot of conditions are only half treated. Unfortunately, the boswellia, frankincense supplements that one finds in the general market have little or no AKBA. The True Botanica nutritional supplement formula with the name AKBA Plus™ has a 90% AKBA concentration! It makes a lot of difference in effectiveness.

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